Custom Forms for CMS Websites

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When Ciniva Systems develops a website, the goals a customer hopes to achieve with the site are evaluated and worked into the design to ensure that the website performs beyond the customer’s expectations. Most website design projects handled by Ciniva provide the customer with a content management system, or CMS, which is a web-based application that allows site owners to modify and update their websites as they see fit. Editing content in a Ciniva CMS is usually as simple as copying content into a text box and pushing the publish button, requiring little or no programming knowledge by the user.

To help accomplish the specific goals of some clients, Ciniva has added a new feature to a proprietary content management system. This feature – a Custom Form Builder – allows website owners to create forms that will gather user data, store the data in a hosted database, and allow the data to be manipulated, extrapolated, and presented in reports depending on the website owner’s needs. While many websites allow owners to collect data via a “contact form” or “sign-up form,” Ciniva’s new Form Builder takes this a step further, allowing the designer to create endless combinations of data fields for many different functions.

This form builder is easy to use and requires only a short phone training to use effectively.   See examples of forms our clients have setup with the software.  ( use links below )

Many web design firms in Virginia make clients pay extra for included modules or extensions of the CMS like the Form Builder, but at Ciniva this feature is included for free! Complete customization of the Form Builder to fit the needs of the customer’s website is offered.

Check out some actual Ciniva designed websites where this technology is being used:

Click the image for a larger view

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To learn how the custom Form Builder can be included in your new website, call 757-499-1990 or contact us here for a free web capabilities consultation.

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On May 29, 2009

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