When you rely on your website to bring in the bulk of your business, it’s understandable if you check your analytics and sales reports on a regular basis. Once a day seems reasonable, especially if you don’t use a third-party fulfillment service and need to ship direct. Once an hour and finding only disappointment…well, we would suggest investing that time in researching why your site has trouble converting, and how to fix the problem.

5 ReasonsLet’s say you’ve done everything right. Your site’s design blends functionality and strong design, all the links work, and you have applied good SEO and pay per click ads. Your analytics tell you people can find you, and maybe they hang around a bit, but you can’t quite the close the deal. What’s wrong?

We’d have to evaluate your site to pinpoint the exact problem (it’s one thing we do with new clients), but here are five issues we see in sites that could otherwise convert well.

Your website isn’t mobile responsive – Marketing Land reported recently that mobile usage now accounts for 70% of overall media time in the US alone. This is amazing news if you rely on your site to promote your company and products, because you can target an audience constantly in motion. However, if somebody should pull up your site and find microscopic pictures and broken imagery brought on by non-functioning plugins, you’ll lose customers. It’s okay to design your site to look attractive on the desktop, but your site theme needs to translate well to smaller screens.

Visitors can’t find your contact form – We tell each of our clients the same thing before we launch their sites: the contact form is the most important element of your Web presence. When your form malfunctions and messages fail to reach you, you lose customers’ trust. If people can’t find a reliable way to contact you, how are they assured their products and services will arrive on time, or at all? When you plan your site design, highlight your contact information and test all forms. While we’re thinking about this…

You’re slow to respond – You’ve seen how Facebook notes on business pages how quickly admins responds to private messages. The sooner you reply, the better your score, and the more likely people are to purchase your products. Consistency in response to customers builds trust and can encourage good word of mouth about your company. When you let questions sit, whether sent through your site’s form or via social media, you risk a bad reputation. To customers, silence equals indifference, and they’ll spend their money elsewhere.

There’s no clear information about your company – Not all brands enjoy the global recognition of Coca-Cola or Ford. Before people give you their money, or even their contact information, they want to know more about you. If your site lacks an “About Us” section with a clear mission statement you may as well be invisible. A brief history of your business, short bios of your key players, directions to your physical locations…this information introduces potential clients and customers to a brand they can trust.

Your site takes forever to load – We often stress to our clients the importance of reliable Web hosting. You can have a gorgeous, user-friendly website with all the SEO in place, but if it takes forever to load people will jump away and move to your competitors. A professional site, especially one with online shopping carts, needs solid hosting to complete conversions.

Eye-catching imagery and persuasive content may draw in unique visitors to your site, but without the important elements that keep your site functional and your customers informed, you risk losing conversions. Take into consideration what you need to improve your Web presence, and contact Ciniva Web Agency to put those changes into place.

Kathryn Lively, Web Content Writer for Ciniva Web Agency


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Kathryn Lively is the resident rockstar Ciniva Alumna. A prolific writer with an impressive vitae of articles, social media posts, and novels (fifteen so far), Kathryn is ready to inject new life into your site and brand. She is certified in Google Adwords and presently manages Facebook advertising and email marketing for our clients. As new innovations in digital marketing launch, be assured Kathryn is researching how to apply it to future success stories.