It’s a new era for small, locally owned businesses. With great technology comes great resources to introduce your brand to the world, spread the good word and gather positive reviews. As a business owner, you’d be crazy not to take advantage of the numerous online opportunities available to better your brand.

As folks scroll through their news feeds, pinning, posting, tweeting and snapping, you could be serving ads to potential customers. Not only is social media advertising a great way to reach your audience and increase your brand awareness, it’s also a great way to direct traffic to your website.¬†But what happens when your website is old, outdated, and doesn’t adjust to smaller screen sizes?

Spoiler Alert! Users leave.

You may be squandering your marketing budget if your website doesn’t provide a smooth and pleasant user experience. Regardless of how pretty your ads, or how clever their copy, if users have to work too hard to find what they want, they’ll quickly get frustrated and “bounce” out of your site. A high bounce rate is a red flag for any business’s website, but not to worry. It’s also a helpful indicator of where your digital experience could be improved.

At Ciniva Web Agency in Norfolk, we utilize Google Analytics to keep track of things like website traffic and bounce rates. We also create custom responsive websites that automatically adjust to any screen size, whether mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. Without giving away our trade secrets, we’re happy to outline the basics of this process.

First, our team sits down with yours to conduct what we call a Strategy Session. We get to know you and you get to know us (sometimes there’s pizza). Afterwards, our Graphic Designers immediately begin plotting out your new site, taking into account your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, location, customers, goals and anything else you can throw at us. This is where it gets complicated.

With the incredible variety of mobile devices on the market these days, responsive websites have some big, small and medium shoes to fill (so to speak). Our designers plan not only for desktop but also for mobile and tablet. The designs are then passed along to our Development Team to begin programming. Far from cookie-cutter, every detail is styled and customized to reflect YOU. From the color scheme to the fonts, wording and imagery, every aspect is carefully considered before implementation.

When the site is finished with the development phase, it moves into Content and QC. We migrate your existing copy or craft new content, as the case may be, and test the site on different browsers and devices. Mac vs. PC; iPhone vs. Samsung; mobile vs. laptop; a single site may behave differently on each platform. It’s a mobile world, and we’ve got to plan for it.

Is your website outdated or static? Maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade! Contact Ciniva¬†Web Agency today to learn more about our custom design and development services and how a great user experience can entice a visitor to convert to a customer.

We look forward to working with you!