Q: What do you call a person who graduated last in his class at medical school?
A: A doctor.

It’s still a good joke, but when you’re need of serious medical care you might not laugh. If you get sick you want to know everything about the person about to stick sharp things into your body. Where did they attend school, and how many operations or examinations have they done prior to seeing you?

You want the best care for body, it’s a given. Speaking in terms of your business, it should go without saying that you want the best person to handle your marketing, advertising, and social optimization. Are you just going to hand over your reputation to somebody you found on the first page of search results without vetting them?

You would be surprised how often it happens. Here at the Ciniva Agency, we’ve spoken with a few business owners interested in our services because the marketing team they chose at random isn’t doing it right for them. That said…

Business owners do understand the importance of organic and paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms, but mention the cost and mouses might click around for a lower bidder. After all, what is the value of having somebody post pictures to your Facebook page and monitoring comments? Especially since using Facebook itself is technically free.

Facebook Certification Planning ProSocial advertising is advertising, period. You wouldn’t hire a cut-rate agency to book commercial spots at 4AM on a channel visible only with rabbit ears when you want to reach people watching The Walking Dead. If you want to reach a specific demographic with eye-catching calls to action on social media, you should hire an agency with experience and achievement, especially one recognized by the networks where your target audience resides. Recently, our Director of Social Media Marketing earned the distinction of Facebook Certification, placing us as one in a handful of digital marketing agencies that can claim this. We have an awesome badge to display on our site, and when we mention this accomplishment we receive a fair number of impressed nods.

At the same time, we suspect some may ask quietly, “Is it really necessary?” People already go to college to learn marketing and business skills, so why go through extra work for certification to place ads on Facebook?

Consider how Facebook has evolved over the years. What began as a focused networking site for a college grew to encompass global interest. Individuals created profiles, then businesses, then the doors opened for advertising. Facebook continues to tinker with algorithms and innovations designed to bring desired content to those who request it, and if you don’t keep up you find your efforts have become outdated.

Social media blogA professional marketing planner with Facebook certification has not only demonstrated proficient knowledge of the network’s advertising platform, but is capable of staying on top of new innovations in social marketing. As new programs roll out, your company could benefit by having somebody in the know.

You could discover this for yourself by giving us a call. The Ciniva Agency has marketers on staff certified in Facebook and Google advertising. We’ll be happy to introduce them to you.

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Kathryn Lively is the resident rockstar Ciniva Alumna. A prolific writer with an impressive vitae of articles, social media posts, and novels (fifteen so far), Kathryn is ready to inject new life into your site and brand. She is certified in Google Adwords and presently manages Facebook advertising and email marketing for our clients. As new innovations in digital marketing launch, be assured Kathryn is researching how to apply it to future success stories.