Social media, targeted ads, apps, engagement: it’s official. We are living in a digital world.

It’s everywhere. Is your brand?

With the incredible innovations in marketing and technology, there’s no excuse for your business not to take advantage of the multiple opportunities available – many of them free. A good, organic social media presence doesn’t cost a dime to create, is quick and easy to update regularly, and you may even find it fun.

436C3186 EDITFacebook is a staple for any business. Snap a photo of your business’ storefront or something representative (shoot horizontal) and use it as the timeline photo. If your business has a logo, use that as the profile picture. If not, just the business title will do. Whether you take a photo of a business card, company letterhead, or use a screenshot of some other branding element, try to keep everything simple, clean, and consistent.

Post regular updates and news, notable events as they occur throughout the day, and any upcoming events relevant to your business or industry. Even sharing content posted by others helps keep you visible in others’ news feeds, and in their thoughts when they have need of services like yours.

Google Plus offers another free way to increase brand awareness and gather positive reviews. Just like Facebook, use a horizontal image as the cover photo and something like a logo for the profile picture. If you want to get fancy, you can link the G+ to your new Facebook so that when you post on one it automatically populates on the other; or just take a moment to copy and paste the info into the other account.

Websites, on the other hand…they’re tricky.

As much as we wish we could be like Oprah (You get a website! Everbody gets a website!) we do have bills to pay.

If your website is not mobile-friendly (meaning it does not adjust to cell or tablet size) then you are likely to be losing business because of it. More people than ever are searching on their phones, and if your site doesn’t display well, or offer an intuitive experience, then they will leave and find one of your competitors instead.

Don’t worry. We can help.

Social media and Google ads, retargeting, call tracking and Analytics are just a few more of the things Ciniva can do to give your business that crucial boost it needs to break into the next level.

If it’s all “Geek” to you, don’t worry. Ciniva knows what to do. Give us a call to learn more about the amazing things happening on your desktop, tablet and smartphone every day, and how we can make the web work for you.

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