Baker’s Crust

About The Project

After we rocked the socks off the websites for the catering department at Baker’s Crust, the next step was to revamp their main website. We approached the process with the same enthusiasm, care, and attention that they put into their homemade artisan breads and pastries.
We gave the site a comprehensive web design overhaul, simplified the navigation, and added a dash of spiced-up copy. And on top of that, we added some sweet custom functionality — including rotators that display according to location and time of day so that customers can find the right information for the store location nearest them.


See it in Action


Time and location-based rotators

Custom mobile store locator

Website redesign

Updated design and copy for in-store menus

Technologies used






When Bakers Crust needed to spread the word about their catering services, they knew to call on the healthy appetite for growth at Ciniva Web Agency. Afterwards, we cooked up a new site with simpler navigation, spicy copy and some sweet custom rotators.