Nancy Chandler
Associates Realtors

About the Project

When you’re already on top, how do you stay there? Nancy Chandler Associates Realtors have dominated the Hampton Roads real estate market, but they needed to maintain their lead.

We were on hand to help them revitalize their website and tackle the added challenge of mobile browsing. Once we organized and optimized their website, we then translated that design into a format that was compatible with mobile devices and tablets.

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Redesigned website

Search Engine Optimization

Mobile and tablet site design

Technologies used






When Nancy Chandler Associates Realtors asked us for help maintaining their position at the top of the Hampton Roads real estate market, we knew that the answer was mobility. After cleaning up their website until it sparkled like an open house, we made sure that a Nancy Chandler Associate Realtor could be on the go all the time, nestled right in the pockets of potential buyers.