Anne Crump

As refreshing as a twist of lime in a coconut, Anne’s transition from Hawaii to Norfolk caused quite a splash. We were immediately blown away by her powerhouse portfolio and killer sense of style, all offset by her humility and sweet southern charm (she’s originally from North Carolina).

Blending a background of fashion & interface design with a solid grasp of branding elements and an intuitive awareness of what makes people tick allows Anne to create dynamic designs for our clients, as functional as they are beautiful. The epitome of grace under pressure, Anne uses personal brand stories to empower her designs, enabling her to communicate a powerful experience to potential consumers and move them one step closer to converting.

In her free time, Anne enjoys spending time outside hiking, cycling, and traveling with her husband, Kyle and their faithful canine companion, Dillinger.

Skill Set

  • Design
  • Illustration
  • Typography
  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Marketing