Aram brings over 18 years of programming and IT experience to the team of CWA, along with an indomitable spirit and innovative and creative mind. Aram, simply never says “no,” rather, he sees every challenge as an opportunity to gain knowledge and expertise. His track record of success is a testament to his unending thirst for new knowledge. The more clients ask us to raise the bar, the more Aram continues to exceed it.

A trained database programmer with vast experience in Microsoft® systems, Aram started programming at 14 and owned his own PC building services business at 19. He went on to create his own e-commerce business that consistently generates over a million dollars in sales. He has dual degrees in Economics and Computer Sciences from Walsh University in Canton, Ohio. He has developed over 200 websites with his expertise in commerce, database, mobile applications and content managed systems.

Aram continues to push Ciniva forward by programming in HTML5 as well as blazing new trails on the mobile and application frontier.

Skill Set

  • Programming & Development
  • E-commerce Platforms
  • Server Management
  • Hosting
  • Internet Security