Robert Kelford

If asked about how he ended up at Ciniva, Rob will tell you dryly, “I applied for a job here.” Not one to stand on pretense, he started work the very next day after his interview and began immediately cracking us up with his pirate voices and Highlander references.

As our Manager of Technical Services, he does a little bit of everything, and he does it exceptionally well. Whether he’s soothing a client over the phone with his calming accent, minding the gap between design and development, or conducting a CMS training, he’s more than happy to roll up his sleeves and help out with whatever task is at hand.

Rob’s work history includes everything from managing an international game development team to washing pots and pans in the kitchen of a top secret government agency. He might also be James Bond, but he’s not at liberty to divulge that information. He can, however, tell you how to order spaghetti in Italian.