Steve (‘Padge’ to us) brings over 20 years experience in computer and deep-level SQL database programming to the Ciniva team. When clients present us with seemingly difficult problems, Steve is our go-to programmer.
Steve worked 10 years at the National Institute of Health, contributing to many significant publications in the field of cardiovascular epidemiology, using computer analysis to discover and quantify risk factors and familial relationships in heart disease. Steve holds an undergraduate degree in mathematics from Case Western University and certifications in JAVA, J2EE, along with Master’s degree in computer science at Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering.
In his spare time, Padge enjoys playing raquetball, dropping blood-pressure raising bait pellets at Steve’s feet, hang gliding, and jacking the ramen noodle cups from the break room.

Skill Set

  • Database Programming
  • Zen Coding
  • Data Conversion