Social Media Marketing

I get by with a little help from my friends.

Conversation is the unsung hero of online success, yet we’ve seen so many businesses treat social media like a dictation. Ciniva Web Agency will help you grow your audience by communicating directly with fans, followers, friends, and viewers using existing and emerging social media tools. We weave your words and your identity into the web which gives you viral visibility.

Every Facebook page, You Tube channel, Twitter account, and LinkedIn profile is a very powerful database that helps you connect to and interact with thousands of potential customers-turned-brand-advocates every day. We can create and cultivate powerful brand loyalty by revealing and connecting with the real people behind the logo. Our experience is that they usually like what they see.

Savvy organizations are using social media marketing tools as a way to educate and inform in real time and to mobilize the media as their information partner. Social media marketing is an enhancement to customer service that can help your brand reach consumers, resolve issues, and show off team building moments.

Social Media Management

We’ll work with you to determine what type of action you want you want to get from social media users – whether it’s a phone call, a website visit, an in-person visit, or simply telling their friends how much they love your brand, we can measure it.

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Social Media Optimization

Make sure you’re putting your best face forward on social media. Barring a complete lack of social media presence, period, nothing makes users bail on your page faster than an old, pixelated .JPG photo with no contact information.

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Social Media Advertising

Millions of people use social media on a daily basis, which means that millions of potential customers are out there just waiting to know that your brand exists. Sometimes your brand needs a little extra push to get the ball rolling.

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Eurobookings Success Story

As one of the largest online hotel reservation engines catering to travelers to Europe, Eurobookings employed an aggressive social media campaign to attract social media savvy globetrotters. Ciniva’s design and tech improved upon their Facebook presence with an interactive map to available hotel listings and real-time Twitter assistance for hotel searches.

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Bon Secours Hampton Roads
Bon Secours Hampton Roads Success Story

Two years ago, Bon Secours’ social media presence needed serious CPR. Ciniva’s social marketers took quickly to the healthcare system’s Facebook and Twitter, engaging patients and people curious about different procedures. Engaging people to talk more about health and fitness helped increase their following, and health awareness in Hampton Roads.

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Starsky the Starfish
Starsky the Starfish Success Story

Conversation is a key component of Social Media, and working with a character that has such a strong voice and personality has made it easy for the Social Media team at Ciniva Web Agency. Starsky Starfish is already taking over Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest with his characteristic snark and sarcasm, and he’s got world domination in his sights.

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