Bon Secours In Motion

About the Project

The Bon Secours In Motion team is known for bringing out potential in athletes, educating people on nutrition, and getting joints moving again, but their old website just didn’t reflect the active, energetic nature of the brand.  If a website could get fat sitting on the couch, this one would be a prime example.

Ciniva Web Agency fitted the site up with a new look, compelling copy, and a layout that directs the user easily through the right channels.  Throw in dynamic sidebars that change based on the page, a custom programmed event calendar, and a mobile website, and you’ve got some serious performance on your hands.

See it in Action


Intelligent design with site flow in mind

Custom programmed calendar with sorting capabilities

Mobile site with click to call functionality and map integration for easy directions

Technologies used






With the site run through a digital obstacle course, Bon Secours In Motion is fresh, fit, and running circles around the competition.