Lucia Tuscan Villa

About the Project

When our fearless leader Steve took a vacation to Tuscany last summer, he brought back more than a T-shirt. The lovely proprietor of the quaint Bed & Breakfast Villa Lucia was in dire need of a new website, and Ciniva was exactly the team to build one. This latest project took us to Italy once again, without ever leaving our offices in downtown Norfolk.

The most important aspect of Lucia’s site was Lucia herself. A true Italian-American, Lucia hosts guests in her home year-round, teaches cooking classes, runs an olive orchard and somehow still finds time to write faithfully in her online blog. We built the site around Lucia, highlighting her commitment to a truly Italian lifestyle.

Our designers and developers made quick work of the site’s foundation, molding and shaping it to best display the most key features. Then our copywriters blew through and migrated the blog, updated the copy, reorganized the information to flow better and performed a complete overhaul of the site’s photographs. We revived Lucia’s long-neglected Facebook page and put it to work again with compelling content and reminders about dwindling summer openings.

Now with a beautiful and responsive site, easy-to-use contact forms, organized content and updated images that clearly display the majesty of the region, Lucia is ready for the summer rush.

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Lucia’s life is a wild ride, which guests at her home are lucky enough to experience for a week or so. The beauty of Tuscany and the lifestyle of Villa Lucia are charming and unique, and we believe that comes through the new site loud and clear.